It’s Elementary Show #10 – Copyright: It’s the Law

We had an informative, and fast-paced show with attorney Aimee Bissonette.

  • We took a look at a case study from Alice’s classroom, involving a podcast of a radio show created by her students based on characters from a story in a textbook.
  • We discussed whether it was a derivative use (a no-no) or fair use (probably okay) and the guidelines to use when evaluating other works.
  • We did a review and wrap up then took in some callers into our discussion

There were also a lot of interesting points in the text chat which is included here.

Download Podcast of Show at EdtechTalk

We will be skipping our show on the fourth Monday (due to the Thanksgiving Holiday aftermath in the U.S.) and returning on December 10th with Steve Hargdon on RSS: Taxing to a New Taxonomy.

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